Costume Designer Nina Ayres Brings the Magic to ‘Carnival Row’ Season Two

By Elizabeth Joy Glass, April 13, 2023, The Art of Costume

In the epic final season of Carnival Row, love and loyalty are tested as Vignette and Philo find themselves on different paths as they try to save the row. Their struggle and that of the row are beautifully brought to life by the cast, crew, and the incredible costumes of Carnival Row designed by Emmy award-winning costume designer Nina Ayres. I spoke with Nina about Carnival Row and the incredible costumes she designed for season two.

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INTERVIEW: Award-Winning Designer Discusses the Unique Costumes of ‘Carnival Row’

By D.R. Medlen, February 23, 2023, The Mary Sue

In fantasy or historical shows, It’s especially important for audiences to buy into the reality of the fictional world. One essential part of the world-building, of recreating an actual place or time in history, is the detailed costumes of the characters. Well-done costumes tell us stories about the characters without uttering a single word. Cuts and silhouettes establish who the person is. The amount of wear and tear or the number of pockets on the outfit tells us about the lives of those wearing them.

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Using Costumes to Create Distinct Worlds for Amazon’s ‘Carnival Row’

By Briana Dodson, April 7, 2023, ProductionHUB

Nina Ayres is the costume designer for the second season of Carnival Row, which premiered February 17 on Amazon Prime Video. Starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevigne, season two of Carnival Row follows former inspector Rycroft Philostrate as he investigates a series of gruesome murders in a Victorian fantasy world where humans and creatures clash.

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INTERVIEW: Costume Designer Nina Ayres And The Steampunk Fantasy Of Amazon’s Carnival Row

By Ruben Diaz, March 27, 2023, Monkeys Fighting Robots

Mythical creatures such as fairies have fled their war-torn homeland in the Amazon series Carnival Row starring Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne. Nina Ayres dressed the neo-noir fantasy for its final season.

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